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Effective 1 October 2007, Club MR2 will no longer be accepting membership applications.  The final issue of Trip Notes will print in December, at which point the club will transition from a dues paying membership base to a more broad-reaching concept.  If you live in North America and are an MR2 Enthusiast, you're a member!  The Club discount at Twos R Us will remain in effect for all current members until the expiration of their current year membership.

We would like to thank everyone who supported our efforts over the past 6 years and hope that you will continue to benefit from our knowledge base and expansion of the web site including partnerships with other web based organizations that support our goals. We will continue to support the community whenever possible, including promotion of large-scale gatherings such as the annual meet in Kingston, Ontario.



Welcome to Club MR2 on the web.

Club MR2 is not a virtual club. As such, this web site is simply a means by which to convey basic club information and is not our primary venue.

Issue 6.2 of Trip Notes is on the streets!





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