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What is Club MR2?

When I bought my first MR2 in 1993, there was a very well thought out and organized club sponsored by Toyota Corporate. This club had a newsletter, club merchandise, discounts for members and fantastic events hosted at race tracks throughout the country.

Unfortunately, with the demise of the Second Generation MR2 in North America, Toyota disbanded the club in 1994. Even without an organized club, MR2 owners and enthusiasts continued to get together and share their love of Japan's first mid-engine automobile. As the internet grew into the phenomenon that it is today, online 'clubs' formed and fostered MR2 enthusiasm while providing valuable forums for information exchange and technical assistance. In spite of this enthusiasm, there were no discernable benefits to being a member of these online 'clubs'.

With the introduction of the MR2 Spyder, there has been a renewed wave of interest in forming an official, non-internet based MR2 club. Club MR2 is our answer to this interest.

Club MR2 hit the ground running in 2001, with the aid of some of the most highly regarded MR2 owners from the internet community. This Included experts in parts interchangeability, road race set-up, SCCA Solo competition, suspension tuning and do-it-yourself maintenance. We started contacting parts vendors to procure club discounts on merchandise and news of present and upcoming products developed specifically for the MR2. As the club and its sister site - Twos R Us - evolved, our efforts shifted to sponsorship of large scale national MR2 meets.  This effort culminated in 2005 as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the MR2 in North America over 3 days in Topeka Kansas.  We continue to support regional meets, some of which have grown to the point that they routinely host 75 or more cars with track time, a car show and a general all-around good time.  Twos R Us has grown to the point that we now stock the products that we once offered through their manufacturers at a discount, and everything on the site is offered at a discount to Club MR2 members.


Club MR2 exists to serve North American MR2 enthusiasts through the use of print and electronic media.

Club MR2 is dedicated to keeping MR2s roadworthy by empowering their owners with the needed technical information to either a) perform maintenance personally or b) approach professional technicians with a large enough knowledge base to negotiate a fair price for services. This is done through a print newsletter (published as content warrants), online help desk, and the printing of technical publications. Additionally, Club MR2 serves its members through the publication of free classified ads (up to 12/year), notification of upcoming events, negotiating discounts with parts vendors and tracking instances of MR2s in the news and at motorsports events.



In today's litigious society, statements like this are, unfortunately, necessary.

While Club MR2 highly encourages fellowship among its members, sanctioning of organized events or open road events is not possible at this time. Club MR2 will aggressively pursue the necessary means to change this fact in the coming years and will assist others with organized meetings as possible.