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Free Club Memberships!


Well...okay, there IS a catch.

Here's the deal. We had a pretty good surge of reader submissions for our newsletter a few months ago, but it has died off. I know that there are a LOT of folks out there with tech tips and stories that they'd like to tell and see in print. We'd like to print them. Otherwise, our newsletter will become an ever frustrating attempt on the part of our staff to continue to come up with enough content to keep folks interested.

That said, here's the pay structure:

Free membership or $25 in club bucks for current members -

Feature articles describing a major MR2 event - We just had a 9 pager on the SCCA Solo 2 Nationals and we're wrapping a 3 part story on the history of MR2DIE4 this month. Our coverage of the SE event spanned 6 pages. That's what we're looking for. 2000 words or more, with pictures.

$5 membership or $20 in club bucks for current members -

Driver's Seat articles telling us about your car, covering the big Ws...who, what, where, when and how. Cover your MR2 experiences and try to explain what you've done in the kind of detail that my Mother could understand (and no, she does NOT know what an AVC-R, EBC, BOV or ECU are). 1500 words or more, with pictures.

Tech articles detailing a 'How-to' project in the most basic terms possible. We are trying to educate the non-mechanically inclined, so you can't say 'take off the gland nut'....you have to say 'take off the gland nut, which is that giant hexagonal thing that is on top of the strut body with the shiny strut shaft poking out of it'. 1500 words with pictures

For other articles, we'll give you $0.01/word and $1/picture (yeah, I know pictures are worth a thousand words...but we're only paying you for 100), rounded to the nearest hundred after editing (yes, we're going to do some editing...don't try to be Charles Dickens). Funds applied to membership dues or supplied in Club Bucks for use in the Club Store.

Sooooo....if you've wanted a copy of MR2DIE4 but haven't had the cash to afford it, here's your chance. Give us a write up on your car and 3500 words on anything else and you get the combo membership package for $5....