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David Hawkins

If you're expecting a better picture, forget it. This club is about the cars, not me.

There's not much to add about my passion for the cars that can't be found on the Background page of this site. I've been addicted since 1993, when I drove my first new car home from Mobile, Alabama. The turbo whistle coming from behind me, tunes thumping from the 3 in 1 stereo...I was in love. Then came the 89SC, then the 85 ITA car, 91NA, 88SC parts car, 91NA parts car, 91 NA parts car, 89NA parts car, 93T parts car, 93T, 87 parts car, 86 CSP car, 88SC and 86 parts car. I learned along the way that there is no better way to get acquainted with a car than to cut one up. I still, and always will, have the 93T that started it all, and I still have the 86 CSP car...although it is really not much of an autocross car anymore and is for sale. I guess it was meant to be...my first car was a Corvair, so I learned early on that the engine belongs behind you (but I must say that Chevrolet did a MUCH better job finding trunk space).

I could ramble on for days....much like I do every other month in the newsletter. But I won't.

And that's all I have to say about that....